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Yoga Therapies in India

Yoga Therapies

Yoga Therapy is the science of implementing various yoga processes in curing illness. These processes help in restoring mental and physical harmony of a person. This therapy is also referred as Yoga-Chikitsa in Sanskrit. In this therapy physical, mental and emotional balances are harmonized which brings tranquillity to an individual's life. The Yoga Therapy focuses on an individual because health condition varies from person to person. This personal approach of treatment ensures harmony between body, mind and spirit of an individual.

The treatment approach of this therapy differs from modern medical science. In this practice the harmony between the body, mind and soul i.e. tridoshas is restored instead of identifying the pathogenic factor of the body. According to the philosophy of yoga the root cause of any disease is imbalance between the energy levels of the body.

Yoga therapy involves six steps for overall well being. These steps are :

1. Right Posture – Asanas

There are a set of postures that tone up the muscles and internal organs, revitalize the system and creates overall awareness of the body. They also energize and stimulate the body’s major endocrine glands. And the toning up of the internal organs prevents and cures many illnesses.

2. Right Breathing – Pranayama

The process of breathing is so simple that we ignore its power on our body, mind and soul. Each time we inhale we take in the oxygen which burns nutrients and provides us energy. And during exhale we release toxic waste of body in the form of carbon dioxide. Breathing is related to our mind and it makes us excited, calm, tense or relaxed. The proper breathing establishes harmony among various organs which revitalises the body.

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3. Right Cleansing – Kriyas

The technique of Right Cleansing helps in keeping the body and mind in clean condition. This process involves Six Cleansing methods that help in detoxifying the body to pure mental and physical condition. This cleansing process helps in maintaining good health and establishes harmony between the mind, body and soul.


4. Right Diet – Balanced Yogic Diet

The balanced diet provides adequate nutritional supply to body. The balanced yogic diet is rich in nutritious value. These foods are rich in Prana or the vital energy. It plays a prominent role in the routine and practice of yogic lifestyle. Lack of consumption of the vital nutrients leads to an accumulation of toxins within the body which results in formation of chronic diseases. The Sattvic Food is considered to be the purest Yoga diet. The Sattvic food includes milk, cereals, honey and herb teas, legumes, whole meal bread, nuts, sprouted seeds, fresh fruit and vegetables, butter and cheese, seeds, and pure fruit juices.

5. Right Relaxation – Shavasana

It is the posture of relaxation that is generally performed at the end of the yoga session. The objective behind this posture is to provide rest to the body after tough yoga session. This helps in restoring body temperature, breath and blood circulation at normal level. Along with this it also helps in relieving stress, pressure and anxiety. This process is also used to regulate blood circulation during anxiety. 

6. Right Mindset – Meditation

Meditation is a process that leads to a state of consciousness which brings serenity, clarity, and bliss. It is used to stabilize the mind which increases concentration and will power. This process also helps in balancing cellular (chakra) energy and developing conciseness. This process is directly related to our thought process which helps in controlling our various activities. The controlled thought helps to focus on one thing and accordingly distribute the energy.

These above procedures if practised on regular basis help in getting rid of a variety of mental and physical disorders. These procedures are practised in all yoga sessions and one can see miraculous effects on physical health and mind of a person. It helps in balancing tri-doshas and establishes harmony between mind, body and soul.


Feel the blessings of divine with India Yoga Tours and connect with the "Supreme".


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