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Techniques of Meditation

Meditation Techniques

Meditation is a universal practice occupying a significant place in almost all cultures. And different cultures have given birth to different meditation techniques. Depending on one's personality a particular meditation technique is suggested by meditation teachers. Meditation should always be learnt under the guidance of a teacher.

Some of the popular meditation techniques are:

Mantra Meditation

Mantra meditation is the most easiest form of meditation which can be easily practiced by anyone. Mantra is a Sanskrit word consisting of two words: "man" meaning "to think" and "tra" meaning “tool”. Hence it can be said that it means "an instrument of thought". When one chants a mantra it creates powerful vibrations which helps us to be in rhythm with divine forces.

The power of the mantra lies in its vibrations and hence a mantra should be chanted clearly as each word has its own vibration. While chanting mantra one must completely get absorbed in its vibration and rhythm to experience the real joy. Mantra meditation heals the body, mind and spirit. Any mantra should not be translated as this changes the sound vibrations, the very power of the mantra. One can also use the japa mala (beads) while chanting to count the repetition of a mantra.

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Yogic Gaze (trataka)

Yogic Gaze involves steady gazing. It is a simple meditation technique. Usually a normal candle is used but depending on your choice you can use some other object also. Candle is set at the level of the eyes at an arm's distance . Then start gazing at it with open eyes. After some time close the eyes and gaze at the after image of the flame with eyes closed at the eyebrow center. One is not suppose to move throughout the practice. Relax and take deep breath. This is repeated a few times before closing the practice. One must remember that this practice with a candle should not be continued for a month or two at a stretch as it might cause some harm to retina.

Chakra Meditation

It involves search and activation of the chakras of the body. It involves exploring the chakras and gently activating them in a balanced way. One can perform this practice either in a sitting posture or by lying down. Relax the body, close the eyes, take deep breath and start Ujjayi pranayam. After some time concentrate on the spinal cord in such a way that awareness of breath is from bottom to top. And after a few minutes start locating the chakras in that cannel. Mentally repeat the name of the chakra while passing through it. Just before concluding let go of breath sound, then names. And chant mantra' 'Om' 3 times.

Vipassana Meditation

This type of meditation is a process of self observation and self realization. It helps you to know your own nature well and transform it for better. It is practiced for 10 days continuously and the one who practices it can't read, write and talk( except for discussing difficulties faced during meditation with the teacher) during this 10 day session. In this one sits cross-legged on the floor or chair with straight back. Concentrate on one's breath and whatever feeling one experiences.

Raja Yoga Meditation

This type of meditation fills the heart of the practitioner with supreme joy, which is a great experience in itself. It purifies the mind and helps the practitioner to change his/her bad habits and rise above worldly pleasures. Through this one comes in rhythm with the universe. It leads to spiritual upliftment.

Zazen Meditation

This type of meditation was done by the Buddha. It is the heart of the Zen Buddhist practice. Its literal meaning is 'seated meditation'. It calms the body and mind and helps the practitioner to know the nature of existence. While doing this meditation one sits down with legs crossed, hands folded  together into a simple mudra over the belly. One breathes from the hara( the center of gravity in the belly) and the eyelids are half-lowered. It teaches one to discipline one's life. There are three ways of teaching this meditation: Concentration, Koan introspection and Shikantaza( just sitting)

Nada Yoga

This meditation means "union through sound". In this through sound one elevates at a spiritual level and undergoes inner transformation. The practitioner meditates on sound which leads to self-realization. The term Nada means melodious sound and this sound is capable of transforming the human mind. The ancient saints in our country thousands of years ago discovered the spiritual power of sound energy and used it for knowing our 'real self'. Plug the ears with the thumbs as in Yoni mudra and concentrate on the internal body sounds.


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