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Origin and History of Naturopathy

Origin and History of Naturopathy

In India the history of Naturopathy, the ancient science of healing and art of living, can be traced back to the Vedic times. This therapy finds mention in our Vedas and ancient texts. During the ancient times this system of medicine was practiced widely in the country. Our Ayurveda text contains the Swastha Vritta which is nothing but Naturopathy. During the ancient era the physicians used to treat the patient's disease using natural medicines but would also educate them about a healthy lifestyle.

Gradually over the time physicians neglected their responsibility of educating people about healthy living and balanced diet and focused only on giving medicines. Just treating the symptoms was not enough and gradually the people realized the importance of Naturopathy, a science of healthy living.

According to Naturopathy, "A disease can be treated by regulating diet without taking any medicine". However if one's diet is not regulated then that person cannot overcome the illness even after taking hundreds of medicines. The best medicine is the right choice of food which is in accord to ones hunger and constitution. The right choice of food alone can help us live a healthy life. The great physicians have always said that the right choice of diet is the best remedy.

The term Naturopathy was coined in 1895 by John Scheel and popularized by Benedict Lust. Dr Benedict Lust is known as the father of modern-day naturopathy as it is he who introduced and spread the knowledge of naturopathy in the US in 1892. Later in the year 1902 he founded the American School of Naturopathy.

Over the years Naturopathy is gaining immense importance in India. Tourists coming to India from far and wide are also enjoying the Naturopathy therapies to rejuvenate themselves and to get rid of illness, if any.

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