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Origin and History of Meditation

Origin and History of Meditation

Although it is difficult to tell what the exact history of meditation is but the study of the historic records reveals that it dates back to 5,000 years. Meditation is one of the ancient forms of mental, spiritual and physical health practices. This practice has always been associated with all the major religions such as Hinduism, Buddhism, Christian, Sikhism and Islam.

Originally the sole purpose of meditation was to experience salvation, to increase spiritual understanding and awareness. The different religions gave birth to different meditative practices. Even today in the contemporary world meditation is considered a spiritual practice and can be practiced by anyone. However, today majority of the people do it for relieving themselves from stress and sufferings.

During ancient times a great Indian sage Patanjali described meditation as Self Realization. He himself experienced an absolute awareness of his self through meditation. Initially the knowledge of meditation used to be handed down from guru to disciple and that too after long penances, discipline and purification.

The first step to spread the teaching of meditation was taken by  the great saint Gyaneshwara of Central India in the 14 th century. After taking permission from his Guru he translated the secret texts on meditation written in Sanskrit into the popular vernacular. And today the wonderful knowledge of meditation is available to all and millions of people are enjoying its wondrous benefits.

Gradually when medical practitioners started understanding the role of mind in good health and disease, they began to use meditation in medicine. It greatly helps in improving health and quality of life.


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