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Reiki Therapies

Reiki Therapies

Reiki Therapy can be given in two ways: 'Hands on' treatment or 'at distance' treatment. In the 'hands on' treatment the Reiki practitioner channelize the Reiki energy by touching the (clothed) recipient with hands. While in 'at distance' treatment Reiki practitioner sends the energy to the recipient. The interesting fact is that Reiki can be given to human beings, animals and plants as well.
For receiving Reiki treatment the recipient lies down. However, if one is not comfortable lying down then one can even sit or stand. It is just that when you lie down while receiving Reiki, you feel more relaxed. Mostly Reiki is given to the recipient at seven main positions by placing or hovering over the hand on these points. These important points refer to the seven main 'chakras' confined to different parts of our body.

The Reiki Chakras are the energy centers inside the human body located at different points. According to Reiki there are seven chakras in our body and each chakra works with a group of important organs. Together, these chakras control the wellness of a person. These chakras are susceptible to imbalances. Reiki works by activating these chakras which lead to good health, overall wellbeing and a sense of peace.

The feelings experienced after receiving Reiki differ from person to person, situation to situation and session to session. The Reiki treatments offer relaxation and a sense of peace. During the session the recipient might go in a trance (deeply relaxed state) or start dreaming. Depending on the problem the recipient is going through he/she may get emotional and start to cry. Finally they feel at peace and experience a sense of security. And by the end of the session the body is energized with positive energy.

The patient may or may not get the benefits of Reiki immediately. One needs to show some patience and faith. Healing happens at its own pace and in its own way.

Reikhi Distance Healing

Reiki is such a wonderful therapy which can be performed on a patient even from distance. For example if the patient is in one country and the reiki master in another, the master can perform reiki on the patient from there itself. The master can perform it at any time and send the healing to the patient. The Reiki therapy is truly wonderful.

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